Biz Buzz

Last week Mark Perkins was interviewed by Bluhorn Media for its ongoing production of Biz Buzz, a program of interviews with agency leaders reflecting on current conditions, issues pertinent to marketing, the history and distinction of their agencies, predictions for the future, and other topics that belong in the twilight areas where useful information and self-promotion…

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All Aboard with 3D

How do you offer employees new to your company a fun tutorial?  If you’re BNSF Railway, the 2nd largest railroad in the United States, you do a 3D “virtual train tour,” created by SullivanPerkins. It’s a show and tell, with the emphasis on showing. You can learn more about trains, how BNSF operates them, and…

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Mask Task

When our friend Debra Edmondson launched her campaign for Texas House District 98 in Tarrant County, we launched her website, also designing her logo and basic campaign material, which thus far has included campaign stationery, yard signs, leaflets, and near daily social media ads that appear on Facebook — all typical for modern electioneering. But this is…

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A HERO is Born

The end of August saw the birth of herofortexas.org.  HERO, which stands for Heppner Endowments for Research Organizations, is the philanthropic effort of the Heppner Family and The Beneficient Company Group, a company Brad Heppner founded to provide liquidity solutions for investors in alternative assets.  Brad has been a SullivanPerkins client for over twenty years, starting with…

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12 Ways of Saying 30

SullivanPerkins has a decades-long pro-bono relationship with Kitchen Dog Theater, the most distinguished of Dallas area acting companies that consistently produce provocative, groundbreaking work. So, when it came time to design a mark to celebrate KDT’s 30th anniversary year (a stunning milestone for a small, independent group producing live theater in Dallas, Texas), we sunk our…

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SullivanPerkins Does That?

One of the few drawbacks to having a deep well of design and branding experience is that you are never the “hot new thing.” Because SullivanPerkins has been providing creative services for three decades, our reputation was won before categories like digital marketing and website design even existed; as a result, sometimes we still find…

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Doubling Down

At SullivanPerkins, we are ramping up marketing efforts, rebuilding our lists of prospects and developing sales materials we can distribute via email or share in Zoom meetings. We have segmented our lists in different ways, by business verticals where we have deep experience (financial services, energy, healthcare, etc.), and by task or deliverable where we…

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Directing you to Directories

SullivanPerkins knows about the Directory business. We spent more than a decade as agency for GTE Directories, once the largest independent publisher of print directories in the U.S. Our work continued as GTE Directories became Verizon, Idearc and SuperPages.com, as the print directory business surrendered to Google. Today, as we boost our ranking on search…

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Some Background on Zoom Backgrounds

We were asked recently to create company-branded Zoom and Microsoft Teams backgrounds for one of our clients — a publicly-traded energy company.  Our client may have been tired of having individuals working from home appearing with the family dog entering the background or other less than professional background appearances.   As a result of this request, we’ve studied…

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This 4th, Let’s Fly the Flag for Small Businesses

A big part of what makes life interesting for us at SullivanPerkins is that we work with clients of all sizes, and in a range of industries, from steelmaking to spas. The pandemic is posing challenges to all businesses, but especially the smaller ones that make up the backbone of our U.S. economy. Dallas has…

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