Restaurants. Remember them?

In 2019 BC (Before Coronavirus), all of us at SullivanPerkins gathered at Avanti restaurant on McKinney to celebrate the retirement of our long-time bookkeeper, Rhonda Jenkins. Today, everything has changed. Nobody is having lunch at Avanti, and Rhonda has come out of retirement and rejoined SullivanPerkins. We are delighted to celebrate her return, each in…

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Hello From Our New Offices!

SullivanPerkins has expanded to over 14 locations! Here, a picture of programmer Sheena Byas from our newly opened office in Euless, Texas.

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Hello From Our New Offices!

SullivanPerkins has expanded to over 14 locations! Here, a picture of senior designer Kelly Allen from our newly opened Kessler Plaza office in beautiful Oak Cliff.

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Life Goes On

Welcome, Benjamin John San Antonio! Congratulations to our amazing account exec, Meredith, and her husband Brandon. And thanks for reminding us, Benny, with your birth in the early hours of March 25, 2020, that the world is a wonderful place, and that nothing makes a bigger impact than a little bundle of joy.

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SullivanPerkins Isn’t Remotely Hampered

Yes, we are working remotely, and operating under mandatory “work from home” protocols. That said, we are very much on the job, now with “offices” across  the Metroplex and as far away as Chicago.   “We made the necessary preparations to stay on top of our jobs and take on new ones, going forward,” Senior Writer Michael…

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We All Need Friends

On March 13, 1950, 23 Dallasites organized Friends of the Dallas Public Library to directly support our public library system and to also lobby the city on the system’s behalf. The initial project raised money to buy a bookmobile that extended the library’s reach to underserved neighborhoods. That mission was accomplished within the first six months. Fifty years later,…

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Serious as a Heart Attack

If you suffer cardiac arrest, what are the odds that you’ll survive? In most communities in the United States, the answer is, “Not good.” In fact, in many large U.S. cities, you have less than a 10% chance of surviving. Worldwide, more than 3 million people die every year from cardiac arrest. Our client RQI…

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Upping Our Game

When Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation launched the Gear Up for Game Wardens program, SullivanPerkins was asked to design the program identity and supporting materials — brochure, multiple ads, event invitations, display signs. Now, a mere two years later, Gear Up for Game Wardens has topped a $1 million fundraising milestone, with more than $1.2…

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This Gets Our Vote

When a candidate for public office also happens to be a significant other, we’re bound to be supportive. We’re also on a first name basis, as evident in the logo we provided for Debra Edmondson, running for Texas House District 98 in Tarrant County. Debra’s an attorney, but also the former president of the board…

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