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Three cheers for students returning to in-class learning after a challenging year away.

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Time to Revive Your Health Care Marketing?

Americans spend a lot on their health. According to the CDC, we devote a total of $3.6 trillion a year, with a per capita rate of $11,172 for health expenditures. That’s a very healthy amount. Is your healthcare marketing alive and well?  SullivanPerkins has deep experience serving the health care industry.  And we are currently…

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Listen Up! Listen Down!

Yes, young people can learn a great deal from their elders. But people under 18 also have a lot to teach the older generations. This summer, our friends at Dallas publisher Deep Vellum, along with 826 Dallas Project, are launching “And One to Grow On,” an online collection of stories, where North Texans of all…

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Giving Foundation its Moment in the Sun

Another hot one today! All this sunshine reminds us that Texas is the second largest state producer, after California, of photovoltaic (PV)-sourced solar power. We know this because our client, Foundation Land Partners, buys Texas land with solar panels or other renewable energy assets on it. We’re helping them shine a light on their business…

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Here with the Wind

Which state leads the nation in wind-powered generation? The answer, my friend, is Texas, producing about 28% all US wind-powered electricity. Our friends at Foundation Land Partners, for whom we’ve just generated a new website, specialize in buying Texas property with wind turbines or other renewable energy assets. Check out the website, and if you’ve…

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Branding At Its Best

Yes, we’re blowing our own horn. SullivanPerkins has been named one of the Best Branding Agencies in Dallas by Digital.com. You can see some of the brand identity work that earned this recognition on our identity microsite.

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Holding On

Are you paying enough attention to customer retention? Check out our SPotlight on Retention: How to Hold on to Your Customers. And if you need help, SullivanPerkins isn’t going anywhere.

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Small Talk

Wondering how to market specifically to small business owners? Check out our SPotlight on Selling to Business Owners: Key Messages and Market Insights.

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A Strong Response

Stronghold Resource Partners needed a complete revamp of its website, with new design and expanded content to better respond to the expanded scope of its investment management business. Timing was critical. We were asked to redesign, program and launch a new site, all within four weeks. SullivanPerkins had the resources to respond. Check out the new…

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