Love and Armadillos

Now running Thursdays – Sundays until October 24 is the world premiere production of Good Latimer by Angela Hanks. The play, put on by Kitchen Dog Theater at the Trinity River Arts Center, is set in Dallas and features a couple on the rocks dealing with typical Dallas challenges, like a sky raining armadillos. The…

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Resting After Festing

“There is no better, more progressive, longer running cultural event in Dallas” than VideoFest, at least according to a past tribute from D Magazine. But for this long-running event, time has run out, as the last ever VideoFest came to close on October 2, after 34 years. As we have for many of those years,…

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Very Fonda Rhonda

Our bookkeeper Rhonda Jenkins celebrated her birthday last week. Not sure what exactly the number was (she’s the one to ask, she keeps all the numbers for us). But, we definitely counted it as an occasion to express our best wishes.

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A Real Shift for Commercial Real Estate?

Are you back to work at the office yet? SullivanPerkins, like many companies, is phasing in a hybrid system, where some employees are back in the office every day, some are coming for two weeks on/two weeks off, and some are working entirely from home. Moreover, like many companies, we are reassessing our commercial real…

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So Long, St. Joe’s

Ursuline Academy of Dallas understands tradition. The school opened in Dallas in a four-room frame house in 1874. Over the decades, as the school has grown and evolved (and moved to its present campus on Walnut Hill in 1950), numerous buildings have come and gone. As part of the most recent transformation, St. Joseph’s Hall…

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Making a Stand

Over three-plus decades as a creative firm, we’ve been called on to design protest signs for the Pets.com sock puppet; a giant chair for a mall anchored by Nebraska Furniture Mart; a locomotive-shaped trade show display for BNSF; etc. – but we believe this is our first lemonade stand. It appeared at a community golf…

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We Should Put an Infographic Here

Blogs with infographics have a 25% higher click-through rate. A recent study suggests that you’re 25% more likely to click through and read this blog post because it’s got an infographic. The ability to compellingly convey information graphically is a key component of not just blog posts, but much of what we do at SullivanPerkins,…

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You Name It

If you’re naming a company, a sub-brand, a product, a real estate development or just about anything else, be sure to check out our SPotlight on 7 Key Strategies to Effective Naming. Naming has been one aspect of SullivanPerkins’ deep expertise in corporate identity — creating it, refreshing it, extending it to all aspects of…

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World’s Greatest Blog Post

When we sip from our World’s Best Dad/Mom/Boss/Pet Owner coffee mug, are we stimulated as much by the hyperbole and delusion as by the caffeine? On a totally different topic, SullivanPerkins was recently named among the Top Creative Agencies to Hire in 2021, according to DesignRush. Through the years, we have been recognized as a top…

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