Deluxe Treatment for a Luxury Spa

Lake Austin Spa Resort takes the spotlight for the year 2005 in our #SPis40 celebration. The fact is, they could have been highlighted in any year of the last two decades, as this has been one of our more longstanding client relationships. We have handled hundreds of assignments for the Spa, which is frequently recognized…

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A Touching Experience

We’re up to 2004 in our #SPis40 series, and the project we’re dialing up to highlight is a brochure for Nokia, for whom we supported the launch of new phones for 10 years. And they kept us busy: back then nearly one in three mobile phones sold in the U.S. were Nokia phones. In order…

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Today’s Special: Fresh Creativity

Another taste of our #SPis40 series. Today, we’re highlighting the poster we served up for DFW Restaurant Week in 2003, featuring a whimsical illustration of a foodie uniquely equipped to sample all the best of the area’s eateries. This multi-armed character also had legs: some version of him was used in Restaurant Week promotions for…

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Here’s to a Fun New Client

We recently ginned up a label for Herman Marshall Generation Gin. Herman Marshall, the fourth oldest distillery in Texas, is better known for their award-winning handcrafted whiskeys, but they’re excited about this bracing new spirit that combines classic notes of juniper and coriander with contemporary twists of elderberry and lime. It’s a great base for a zingy,…

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A Hullabaloo in 2002!

We’re up to 2002 in our year-long celebration of four decades of creative solutions from SullivanPerkins. In the spotlight this week: a fun poster for a festival at Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas. A client for years, our work for the zoo included naming exhibitions and events, print and radio advertising, corporate identity, website design…

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Rewarding Belief in Our Creativity

We’re up to 2001 in our #SPis40 celebration. Back then, there were some staggering statistics associated with Verizon Directories, such as the fact they were placed in nearly every household in 48 states and practically every hotel room in the country. We highlighted the incredible market reach of these directories with whimsical believe-it-or-not-style illustrations in…

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