Attracting Guests to Your Attraction

With the weather getting ever warmer and school years coming to a close, people are thinking about going to a destination attraction — it could be an amusement park, or a zoo, or even a specialty shopping center. What are the best ways to reach them? Read our SPotlight on 7 Key Destination Attraction Strategies…

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Retaining the Customers You Attract

How do you hold on to your customers? If you are in business, you probably have current customers who are cancelling service, not making a 2nd purchase, or otherwise turning their backs on your business. Read our whitepaper on customer retention here.  

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Name of the Game

What do you need to keep in mind when it’s time to name your business or a new product or service? SullivanPerkins, drawing on our decades of naming experience, has seven key suggestions. Read our 7 Keys to Effective Naming.  

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