A Good Year for MoneyGram

  We were happy to notice recently that our client MoneyGram saw global revenue rise 7% to $1.3 billion last year. Congratulations. We recently helped MoneyGram in their efforts to bring one dollar figure lower: the amount of money lost each year to wire fraud. Do you know all the ways criminals try to trick…

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More MoneyGram

Here’s more on MoneyGram’s battle against wire fraud. The body copy says: Using smarter analytics, IBM helped MoneyGram International hold up over $62.2 million in fraudulent transactions. Way to go, MoneyGram and IBM!

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MoneyGram says Don’t Wire to a Liar!

SullivanPerkins partnered with PR firm mm2 on a microsite for MoneyGram that educates consumers on common wire frauds. To demonstrate just how much money is “hot wired” out of peoples’ wallets each year, we created the Fraud-O-Meter, which presents a real-time count of the number of dollars lost to wire fraud in the US this…

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