Grandscape is Taking Shape

Grandscape in The Colony, Texas, is one of the developments highlighted in a recent Dallas Business Journal article about retailers flocking to the DFW area. The massive mixed-use development, anchored and developed by Nebraska Furniture Mart, is becoming even more appetizing to retailers and restaurants as it’s in the midst of creating a beautiful boardwalk…

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It’s Going To Be Grand

As Nebraska Furniture Mart readies for the 2015 opening of its very big store (1.9 million square feet, including both the furniture showroom and the distribution center) in The Colony, more news is appearing about the Grandscape development, named and branded by SullivanPerkins. Here, Jeff Lind, chief strategy and development officer with Nebraska Furniture Mark…

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Talking Tweens

    A week ago we responded to a journalist’s request for expertise on marketing to “tweens” — after all, that’s what we helped our client LockerLookz do successfully, as we built both its ecommerce business directed to tween girls and their moms, and provided branded marketing materials for in-store and trade events.   LockerLookz…

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A Big Cheer for a Big Chair

  When we were engaged to help market a 400+ acre development, anchored by Nebraska Furniture Mart, with its 560,000-square-foot showroom and a 1.3-million square foot distribution center, it was pretty clear that size matters. So, when it was time to design a leasing sign to be placed on the property, somehow the normal plain…

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Grandscape Makes A Grand Entrance on the Front Page of the Dallas Business Journal.

SullivanPerkins named Grandscape and created its brand identity and website, so we’ve known for a while just how big Grandscape will be. It’s big in terms of expected visitors (over 8 million in the first year), big in terms of size (400+ acres) and big in terms of investment ($1.5 billion). Recently, Grandscape’s size and…

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Buffett, Shovels, & Girls

We attended a luncheon benefit (part of the Lunch & Learn series) for our long-time client Ursuline Academy, where the guest speaker was Peter Buffett, a wonderful composer/musician and, as it happens, Warren Buffett’s son. SullivanPerkins has its own Buffett connection – as agency for BNSF Railway, a Berkshire-Hathaway company, as well as the marketing…

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In the Niche, Natch!

StepByStepMarketing.com, an online how-to resource for owners and managers of growing and emerging businesses, is using the website SullivanPerkins designed for our client LockerLookz as a case study on successful niche marketing. The talented entrepreneurs behind LockerLookz have a terrific product they are marketing to pre-teen girls. Check it out. http://www.stepbystepmarketing.com/?p=9968

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Unlocking the Tween Market

Congrats to our client LockerLookz on their like so totally awesome exhibit at the Fall Toy Preview in October. LockerLookz is a great example of tween marketing that reaches its target with stylish designs and an appeal to tweens’ desire for self-expression. LockerLookz was formed by two mothers of tweens who discovered that there were…

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