The Oracle of the Ukulele?

Check out this clip of billionaire Warren Buffet offering to buy the world a Coke as he strums his ukulele. It’s part of the festivities for the annual meeting of Coca Cola, where he owns quite a bit of stock. We did our part to enhance the festivities at the annual meeting of Mr. Buffet’s…

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Never Trust Anyone Under 30

According to figures reported by the Small Business Administration, which defines small business as a firm with fewer than 500 employees, about half of all new businesses fail to survive five years, and two-thirds fail to reach ten years in business. A university study published in 2013 provided reasons for failures, by percentage. Incompetence was…

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IRCE Top 10 Takeaways

Last month, we attended IRCE 2013 in Chicago, where 200 speakers presented during a 4-day event focused on internet retailing. After the conference, IRCE sent attendees 10 key insights to be considered by every online retailer (SullivanPerkins has many clients in that most dynamic of spaces). Here are those insights: 1. Video leads to better…

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Oh Boy

When it first came to our attention that former SullivanPerkins staffer Somere Sanders had published a children’s story, with illustrations from former SullivanPerkins staffer Robert Soto, we thought – how sweet. But then things got strange. According to Somere’s bio on Amazon, where her book can be purchased, Somere now “lives in a purple polka…

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Who’s that famous face?

That’s right, it’s J.P. Anderson, a former SullivanPerkins staffer who wrote for Inside Look, our community magazine project that provided where-to-go, what-to-do information for hundreds of communities, from Hawaii to New York. SullivanPerkins handled this massive assignment for over 15 years. The client: GTE Directories, which became Verizon Information Services, which became Idearc, which became…

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When Dan The Man Was Merely a Boy

Memory is an imperfect vehicle for carrying the facts of our lives. But, like an imperfectly trained terrier, it does sometimes bring things back. So it is with great delight that we learned that Dan Richards, former lead graphic designer at Nike, was to appear back in Dallas as the guest speaker at a Wednesday…

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Zoo Website Stands Tall

The website we created for Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas, was recently recognized by Market & Feasibility Advisors as among the best of the more than 200 American Zoological Association member websites. The websites we create generate traffic. They deliver your message. And they look good. Like to talk to us about creating a great…

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Winter in October

  From September 15th to October 20th, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary is featuring an exhibition on influential Texas artist Roger Winter. Called Lost Highway – A Painter’s Journey, the exhibition spans Winter’s career from 1965 to present, with a focus on his works from the 1980s to today and a retrospective survey of paintings and…

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In the Knews!

When a friend of the firm, a teenage athlete, hurt her knee playing soccer, SullivanPerkins volunteered to help her create Friends in Kneed, a website for young athletes with injuries. The site is now getting international notice (because of Christina, of course); here’s the story, as it was aired on the local NBC affiliate: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Dallas-Teen-Creates-Website-for-Injured-Athletes-166467556.html…

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From Her Mental Health to Her Metal Wealth: 10 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Brought to You by Our Clients We like to give our clients creative ideas year-round. But with Mother’s Day closing in like a mama bear on a hiker, we’ll take some inspiration from them: 1. Give Some Drama to Your Mama. Buy her a subscription to the 2012 Season at Kitchen Dog Theater. 2. Put…

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