Headed for Recycling

Those who have walked our halls over the years will recognize our “T Man,” who watched over SullivanPerkins for decades. One of many created as a piece of directional signage for Topanga Plaza in Canoga Park, California, our Mr. T was part of a campaign that promoted the renovation of the shopping center. Centermark, our client,…

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Signs of the Times

These days, more and more employees who have observed work-from-home protocols are returning to the office. It’s a gradual process, but you may suddenly discover the need for new accommodations in the workplace. Some changes might include costly redesigned offices with plexiglass barriers, filtered HVAC, or even an anteroom for temperature-taking. One of the simplest…

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A Really Grand Opening

As you can read about here, the official grand opening of Grandscape has finally happened! This billion dollar plus, 433-acre mixed-use property in The Colony is developed by Nebraska Furniture Mart, part of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway empire. SullivanPerkins had the grand opportunity to work on the project at its inception. We did indeed come up with the “Grandscape” name, as well…

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What’s Your Mask I.Q.?

Are you up on the latest guidance from the CDC and other experts on the most effective mask practices? We put our illustration skills to use to help communicate up-to-date recommendations on double masks, masks in restaurants, gaiters and more. Check it out. Are you up on the latest mask guidance from the Centers for…

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Drawing Attention to Our Skills

One of the things that distinguishes SullivanPerkins is our design team’s ability to illustrate in various styles – from Wall Street Journal-style stipples to clear, informative icons to whimsical animations to just about any other kind of illustration. To illustrate this point, check out this work from senior designer Kelly Allen, expressing a sentiment we share with…

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Singing the Praises of Suriname

For the last few years we’ve produced corporate materials for Staatsolie, the state oil company of Suriname. It’s given us the opportunity to learn about this fascinating country, the smallest in South America, which is 93% covered in pristine jungle, perhaps one of the world’s great treasures. It turns out Suriname is also rich in offshore…

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We’re Ready to Go

With vaccines rolling out and recent downward trends in known COVID cases, our thoughts turn to one of the things we miss most: travel. Over the years we’ve worked with destination spas (pictured above, Lake Austin Spa Resort, a 20-year client), airlines, travel technology sites, travel agents and networks,  and other travel and hospitality businesses.…

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Let It Snow!

What is exceptional client service? Here’s an example, from last week’s snopocalypse in Dallas. A client contacted us Wednesday at 1 pm, asking that 200 copies of a time-critical one-page document we had already designed be printed immediately and delivered before 5 pm that same day – out of state. What could we do? Our…

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