BNSF Digital Annual Review SullivanPerkins


BNSF Railway’s Annual Review

Hop aboard our interactive version of BNSF Railway’s annual review. It was featured at the April 30 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, which was streamed live for the first time.  

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The Oracle of the Ukulele?

Check out this clip of billionaire Warren Buffet offering to buy the world a Coke as he strums his ukulele. It’s part of the festivities for the annual meeting of Coca Cola, where he owns quite a bit of stock. We did our part to enhance the festivities at the annual meeting of Mr. Buffet’s…

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Crude News

Oil by rail up 9 percent as U.S. oil production hits 8.5M barrels a day. That’s the headline in the August 28 article Nicholas Sakelaris wrote for the Dallas Business Journal. Behind the headline, our client BNSF’s central role in transporting crude from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, which produces more than a million…

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It’s all about “Optionality”

When it comes to phrase-making for business, good English is optional. We were reminded of this truism by an article appearing in Bloomberg News about the decline in new pipeline projects for the oil and gas business, due to the narrowing of spreads in crude prices, which in some cases means that the cost to…

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BNSF CEO Earns Distinguished Award

One is a star performer. The other is Brad Pitt. SullivanPerkins has a nearly ten-year relationship with BNSF Railway. Earlier this month, BNSF CEO Matthew K. Rose received a 2013 Horatio Alger Award at a gala ceremony in Washington, D.C. that was also attended by Brad Pitt. The award, given this year to a distinguished…

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All Aboard for Brand Building at the BNSF Railway Transload Conference

Mark Perkins addressed the BNSF Transload Conference held in the Fort Worth Convention Center on March 7. The topic: Building Your Brand, Building Your Business. Mark’s hour-long presentation on business to business brand building was made at the request of BNSF Railway, a SullivanPerkins client for the past 7 years. Rob Wernersbach, who leads SullivanPerkins…

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All Aboard for eMagazines?

With the advent of tablet devices, everyone’s excited about eMagazines and their potential. As reported by All Things Digital, a recent study by Next Issue Media projects that “[tablet] magazines and similar stuff will generate $3 billion in advertising and circulation revenue in 2014…” We’re finishing up a Flash eBrochure for BNSF Railway, and it…

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