BNSF Digital Annual Review SullivanPerkins


BNSF Railway’s Annual Review

Hop aboard our interactive version of BNSF Railway’s annual review. It was featured at the April 30 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, which was streamed live for the first time.  

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National Switchgear Smoker


What’s Cooking

On the left, you have what appears to be a highly reliable Magne Blast circuit breaker. On the right, you have what appears to be a highly reliable SullivanPerkins account executive. Holly Filewood is, indeed, a reliable and talented account executive. Among Holly’s clients: National Switchgear, a leading seller of quality surplus electrical equipment, including…

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What’s in a Name?

For manufacturers of mobile phones and other electronic devices, constantly introducing new products, part of what’s in a name is the struggle to come up a word that’s meaningful, likable, and available (meaning, you can own it legally). One of the tasks SullivanPerkins performs for our client ZTE (along with design, packaging, and other marketing-related…

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Super Packaging for a Mobile Phone

Look, right in your hand. It’s a phone, it’s a tablet, it’s a phablet, actually—the new ZMAX smartphone from our client, ZTE. SullivanPerkins designed the packaging for ZTE’s new ZMAX. Exclusively available through T-Mobile, this $252 smartphone will boast a 5.7 inch display and an 8-megapixel camera, along with other premium features. SullivanPerkins is working…

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Denton hands us a mobile assignment

More and more, your customers are not only seeing websites on a computer screen, but in the palm of their hand, on a mobile phone. Denton Economic Development Partnership has launched the SullivanPerkins-designed mobile version of its website, offering iPhone, Blackberry and Android users access to news, demographic information, property searches, and more. Using navigation…

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