Singing the Praises of Suriname

For the last few years we’ve produced corporate materials for Staatsolie, the state oil company of Suriname. It’s given us the opportunity to learn about this fascinating country, the smallest in South America, which is 93% covered in pristine jungle, perhaps one of the world’s great treasures. It turns out Suriname is also rich in offshore…

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We’re Ready to Go

With vaccines rolling out and recent downward trends in known COVID cases, our thoughts turn to one of the things we miss most: travel. Over the years we’ve worked with destination spas (pictured above, Lake Austin Spa Resort, a 20-year client), airlines, travel technology sites, travel agents and networks,  and other travel and hospitality businesses.…

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Let It Snow!

What is exceptional client service? Here’s an example, from last week’s snopocalypse in Dallas. A client contacted us Wednesday at 1 pm, asking that 200 copies of a time-critical one-page document we had already designed be printed immediately and delivered before 5 pm that same day – out of state. What could we do? Our…

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Gushing About Suriname

For three years, SullivanPerkins has written and designed corporate materials for Staatsolie, the state oil company of Suriname. So, for years we’ve been telling the story to international investors, how major hydrocarbon discoveries are imminent in the deep waters off the coast of this small South American nation. This year, the tale has come true:…

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The Meaning of Memes

2021 inauguration day arrived with plenty of apprehension. Images of the people of the day filled our screens – from politicians and their families to dressed up celebrities. Then the camera panned over to a masked Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont. He was sitting alone with crossed hands, wearing a very practical Gore-Tex® jacket…

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We recently custom-built a website for Fifer Custom Homes, a premier DFW homebuilder. The SP craftspeople behind the site’s design, programming and writing are Brett, Arif and Michael. The craftsperson behind Fifer Custom Homes is Christman Fifer. With a name like Christman, it makes sense he became a carpenter. But before that he brought his…

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Sustaining Relationships

BNSF Railway was recently featured on FortWorthBusiness.com for its collaboration with Wabtec in testing battery-electric locomotives. These next generation locomotives hold the promise of further reducing the environmental impact of shipping by rail, which is already more environmentally friendly than over-the-road transport. When we think of BNSF and sustainability, we also think of the 15+ year relationship…

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YIKEA! The IKEA Catalog’s Demise

An article published at the end of last year in The Wall Street Journal is fascinating, even though what it is telling us is what we already know: Printed work is falling off a cliff. The IKEA Catalog, which was printed annually for over 70 years and distributed at its peak to 200 million people,…

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