Kosmos Energy


A Just Transition Just Makes Sense

    Our client Kosmos Energy, while headquartered in Dallas, has extensive operations in Africa. By highlighting statistics like the one shown here, they are helping to champion a “just transition” on the continent, where nations that have resources such as natural gas will be able to develop them and use the proceeds to increase…

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Together is Better

The annual report we designed and helped write for The Catholic Foundation was recently released. Check it out. It continues the “Together we are the Foundation” campaign, which highlights individual donors and shows how they add to the cumulative impact of the Foundation’s philanthropic work. Our connection with the Foundation has also been fruitful: we’ve…

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A High Five for Poster Design!

This month, don’t miss HIGH FIVE, the world premiere of five short plays celebrating the five senses. It’s part of Kitchen Dog Theater’s 2022 New Works Festival, running live until June 26and streaming June 30 – July 3. Pictured is our poster for the show, the latest of scores of posters and other promos we’ve done for KDT…

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The Big Tree-O!

Did you know that Texas is home to “The Big Tree,” one of the oldest oak trees in the U.S.? It’s estimated to be over 1,000 years old – one of our state’s natural marvels, many of which are faithfully served by our client Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, a champion of conservation and steadfast…

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Get A Load of This

SullivanPerkins serves as a creative marketing resource for BNSF Railway. So we were interested to note in Warren Buffet’s 2021 shareholder letter for Berkshire Hathaway that BNSF is referred to as one of the “giants” in Berkshire’s portfolio of companies. Just how big is BNSF? In 2021, the railroad carried 512 million tons of cargo,…

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TEFFI was a Toughie

Our client Beneficient (Ben, for short) operates in a highly regulated industry as a provider of financial services for the alternative asset investor. As much has been the case with other financial service sectors (for example, the credit card industry), strong regulations actually serve the industry by reinforcing public trust. At the same time, regulations…

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The small nation of Suriname, on the Atlantic coast of South America, is one of the “greenest” places on earth. Indeed, 93% of the country is covered in pristine jungle. But the country is also on the cusp of transformation via greenbacks, after oil discoveries offshore confirmed Suriname as a world-class hydrocarbon resource. Along with…

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The Who. Or, Talking About Lead Generation.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of B2B sales. Strategies to support sales for our B2B clients typically start with locating “the who” – the prospective buyers for what our clients are selling. Using LinkedIn, our display campaigns can reach these buyers by job title and other filters; we also work with the profiles of our…

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Fresh Powderhorn

Texas is a rich state. When it comes to the ownership of Texas land, however, it isn’t the state that is rich, because nearly 95% of land in Texas is privately owned. That’s one reason why it was significant when a multi-partner coalition, including Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, purchased the Powderhorn Ranch along the…

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