Kelly Has Left the Building

He left us for a long weekend and came back married! By Elvis! Viva, Las Vegas! And congratulations, Kelly (extraordinary graphic designer/fashion icon) and Lea Ann!

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Going with the Flow

Our work for Brad Heppner began nearly 20 years ago, when he ran The Crossroads Group, a fund of funds business that was sold to Lehman Brothers in 2003. More recently, SullivanPerkins has developed all branded materials for The Beneficient Company — BEN, for short — a unique financial services company that will provide liquidity…

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Can Oil be Transparent?

Transparency is a key principle for our client Kosmos Energy, and it is on full display in their most recent Corporate Responsibility Report, now online. The SullivanPerkins-designed report provides details and data about Kosmos operations and performance in numerous nations. It also highlights the great human impact Kosmos is making in its host countries, including inspiring…

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Expedition Takes Off

How do you establish yourself as a big thing in Big Spring, Texas? You sponsor the rodeo, of course. That’s what worked for Expedition Royalty Co., an acquirer of and advisor on mineral rights in the booming Permian Basin. Marketing support included banners, social media, print ads and a video shown on the rodeo’s big…

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Mighty Mo Wins!

What accessory goes perfectly with the Mighty Mo Hooker t-shirt we designed? A belt —a WBO championship belt, to be precise. Pictured with Mo (and our t-shirt and the belt) is manager Arnie Verbeek from our client Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, where Mo trains. They’re on the way home from Manchester, England, where Mo went…

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The Big Mo-Ment!

He’s been training at high-altitude in Colorado. He’s been training in the hills of California. And he’s been training right here in Dallas at our client Maple Avenue Boxing Gym. It all pays off this weekend when Mighty Mo Hooker fights Terry Flanagan for the WBO super lightweight championship! We’re in your corner, Mo!

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Attracting Guests to Your Attraction

With the weather getting ever warmer and school years coming to a close, people are thinking about going to a destination attraction — it could be an amusement park, or a zoo, or even a specialty shopping center. What are the best ways to reach them? Read our SPotlight on 7 Key Destination Attraction Strategies…

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Retaining the Customers You Attract

How do you hold on to your customers? If you are in business, you probably have current customers who are cancelling service, not making a 2nd purchase, or otherwise turning their backs on your business. Read our whitepaper on customer retention here.  

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Go, Mo, Go

Our favorite boxer Mighty Mo Hooker, who has trained at our client Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, is scheduled to fight Terry Flanagan for the WBO super-lightweight title on June 9 at the Manchester Arena in England. Getting ready for the fight, Mo said, “Terry’s the only thing on my mind. I just want to punch him in…

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KDT_2018_Lobbyposters_for DSVC3


Hot Ticket!

The critics are gushing about Kitchen Dog Theater’s production of Pompeii!!, running through May 6 at the Trinity River Arts Center in Dallas. The Dallas Voice said “it’s a blast” and the Dallas Morning News called it a “witty, wise show.” We designed the poster for Pompeii!!, and we’ve produced award-winning promotional materials for this groundbreaking theater…

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