Roger Winter Two

From September 15th to October 20th, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary is featuring an exhibition on influential Texas artist Roger Winter. Called Lost Highway – A Painter’s Journey, the exhibition spans Winter’s career from 1965 to present, with a focus on his works from the 1980s to today and a retrospective survey of paintings and sculpture that explores his various styles and subject matter.

One of the most important contemporary Texas painters alive today, Winter has evolved over the years from early autobiographical surrealism to photo realism to his current work that combines the two in a visually powerful and intellectually stimulating art.

Also part of this exhibition is Under the Influence, a collection of pieces by artists taught and mentored by Winter, exploring the influence Winter has had on their own works.

For many years, SP has enjoyed a close relationship with the MAC (our neighbor down the street on McKinney), and we were delighted to design and proofread the catalog for this exhibition.

We were also pleased to meet the artist, when Roger Winter appeared at the opening to sign catalogs.

Roger Winter Book Signing

Winter expressed his appreciation with a pat on the back for catalog designer Kelly Allen.

Winter & Allen low res