Mark Perkins addressed the BNSF Transload Conference held in the Fort Worth Convention Center on March 7. The topic: Building Your Brand, Building Your Business. Mark’s hour-long presentation on business to business brand building was made at the request of BNSF Railway, a SullivanPerkins client for the past 7 years. Rob Wernersbach, who leads SullivanPerkins interactive projects, joined Mark at the podium in front of an audience of some 70 transloading companies from around the country. Carol Shirey, the SP account manager for BNSF, also attended.

What, you’re wondering, is transloading? Transloaders are a vital part of the national supply chain, connecting shippers to rail for long haul shipping, which nobody does better than BNSF Railway, the nation’s 2nd largest rail network, with 32,000 miles of track, and one of the great American enterprises.

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