Did you know that Dallas puts less money per capita into its public libraries than any other major city in Texas? That’s not smart.

Library Spending

During the next three and a half weeks, the City of Dallas will be having town hall budget meetings. To secure funding for Dallas public libraries, the Friends of the Dallas Public Library needs you to attend one of the meetings and let your elected officials know that you support Dallas public libraries and want them to do the same.

You can also contact your elected officials via phone (311), email, or snail mail by sending a letter or filling out a “Smart Cities” postcard from your local library branch and mailing it to Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla St., Dallas, TX 75201.

SullivanPerkins created the tagline, graphic, postcards, bookmarks and flyer graphics to help FODPL motivate citizens to keep our city smart.

Libraries City


For more information on what you can do to help, and how exactly investing in the library benefits us all visit this website.