Dr. Ed Cary, Southwestern Medical Foundation
When you see UT Southwestern medical students wearing “Thank you, Ed” t-shirts, you might ask, “Who’s Ed, and what are you thanking him for?” That or, “Who’s the guy on that t-shirt with the AWESOME mustache?” Both are completely valid questions, which we hope you will ask.

SullivanPerkins designed the “Thanks, Ed” t-shirts to celebrate Dr. Edward H. Cary, the visionary founder of Southwestern Medical Foundation. Dr. Cary had a tremendous impact on the development of Dallas, and, in fact, on public health in our community and medical progress. Through the Foundation, Dr. Cary went on to establish Southwestern Medical College in 1943, a precursor to the world-renowned UT Southwestern Medical Center we know today.

So, saying “thanks” to Dr. Cary suits us to a T! The t-shirts were handed out to students last year as part of North Texas Giving Day, to raise awareness around that city-wide philanthropic giving event. On Giving Day in 2016, more than $69,000 was raised for the Foundation that Dr. Cary started in 1939. With these funds, the Foundation is able to support medical research at UT Southwestern that will impact the health of our community.

So, now that you know about Ed, your next the question might be: “How can I make in impact on my community, too?” To answer that, of course, we suggest you get in touch with our friends at Southwestern Medical Foundation. And, also of course, follow SWMF on social media that we develop.