What is exceptional client service? Here’s an example, from last week’s snopocalypse in Dallas.

A client contacted us Wednesday at 1 pm, asking that 200 copies of a time-critical one-page document we had already designed be printed immediately and delivered before 5 pm that same day – out of state.

What could we do? Our office was without power (to say nothing of the hazard involved in driving there), so using our office printer was not an option. Even if our office had been open, stores were closed where we could get 200 sheets of 80# cover weight paper, which was the approved and required stock. We called the local printers we work with – all except one were closed, and that one suggested the earliest delivery might be within 2 days, but no guarantee. FedEx and other overnight services were not functioning in any case; air travel was restricted, due to the weather and power situation in North Texas.

So, the solution: we contacted a printer in the city where the delivery was required, we sent files and paper specs by 2 pm. The printer could in fact immediately produce 200 sheets, but would not deliver. We then contacted a delivery service in that city, made arrangements for a 4 pm local time pick up, and contacted the recipient, who agreed to stay in his office waiting for delivery until 6 pm.  Printing, delivery, accomplished – out of state, within 4 hours of the request. That level of service may be one of the reasons the client we responded to has remained our client for over 20 years.