How can we support the wild things and wild places of Texas? One way is to forward the worthy efforts of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, which supplements and supports the work of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Did you know that Texas is home to 11 distinct ecoregions, covering 268,500 square miles? Or that Texas has an amazing biodiversity – nearly 800 species of fish, 634 species of birds, and over 4,600 species of native plants? The fact is, as more and more of us live our lives entirely in the great cities of Texas, fewer of us are naturally connected to the wild.

Below, two spreads from a brochure for Keeping It Wild: The Campaign for Texas, which we produced for TPWF.

wild thing

wild thing two

If you want to know more about efforts to preserve and protect our state’s natural heritage, or to contribute, learn more here. Or, consider belonging to Stewards of the Wild, a support group for Texans who want to make sure our wild places and wild things are preserved for the next generation, even as the urbanization of Texas continues.

wild thing three

Wild Man – In keeping with the spirit of TPWF, here’s SullivanPerkins designer Kelly Allen, in the wild (actually, escaping work the week after July 4th in order to lead his son’s scout troop).