No confession so far, but we’re working on it.

So here’s what happened. The hot water heater in the ceiling in our Suite 320 goes out after 20 years of service, and the pipe from the sink also needs replacing before it leaks from our 3rd floor space onto the head of Quin Mathews Films below us.

Having executed monumental signage programs as part of our branding practice for 25 years, we are fully in command of the warning sign placed over the drain in the kitchen sink (pen on a paper towel, design and installation costs zero).

water in sink

However, someone apparently is incapable of following directions, and pours what appears to be coffee right through instruction to NOT use the sink. We’re rounding up the usual suspects.

For more cosmetic and undefaced examples of SullivanPerkins signage, see below:



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SullivanPerkins has executed signage programs as part of our marketing/branding programs for shopping centers, private schools, financial institutions and for many other clients.