Difficult People

We get tons of promotional material for business seminars, yet this one – Dealing with Difficult People – seems to have struck a chord. Why, we have no idea. “Mark” thought it would make a good blog post. Who are these Difficult People he’s thinking of? Certainly not any of our clients. We love you! Unconditionally!

People cartoon

We looked inside the brochure. Evidently, the seminar will help us deal with 6 Types of Difficult People. One of these types is the Passive (could it be “Erica” who placed this on “Mark’s” desk with a meaningful look, but no comment)? Another type is the Dictator and another the Know-It-All (we can’t think of anybody in our office that matches those types. Can you, “Brian”?). We asked “Brett” and “Rob” if they had any ideas, but they just said no (Type 4) and griped (Type 5). So, we guess we’ll have to settle for this lame post. “Michael” said he’d do it about a month ago, after all. (Type 6: “Yes” People.) We wonder if there’s a group discount.