This particular logo project didn’t start out as a logo project. It started out as designs that could be used as illustrations for a book cover. (The people conducting the Class In America project plan to turn their findings into a book eventually.) A couple of these book cover design explorations are shown here.

However, it was decided that what was more immediately needed was a mark, an icon, a logo that could be used across multiple media – letterheads, surveys, websites, etc. to instantly communicate the identity of the Class In America project.

So we shelved our book ideas for the time being and focused on logos. Senior Designer Chas Johnson III straightened his cravat, adjusted his monocle and dipped his gold pen in his silver inkwell and began to ruminate upon the concept of class. Not really. Chuck just got out his notebook and started sketching ideas.

Chuck explored decorative “classy” type treatments, before finding a more fruitful, patriotic path. He decided to explore the idea of incorporating symbols of America into the logo. He sketched out some concepts and then refined them – experimenting with typefaces, color shades, etc. – on his computer. Here are a few of his ideas.
A map of the US formed by a strand of pearls. A flag with filigreed stripes. As you can see, these are not completely straightforward representations of American images. As Chuck explains it, “I tend to like designs that are conceptual, not just decorative. I also like something with a twist to it. So you smile and say ‘oh, I see it.’”

Here are some other logos we’ve done that have made people smile.