ZTE, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of cell phone handsets, has been a SullivanPerkins client for the past three years. Among our tasks: product naming, which presents a considerable challenge in the world of handhelds, since there have been hundreds and hundreds of models introduced and named. Have a phone that has fast processing capability? Don’t even think about calling it Speed. Or Blaze. Or Pronto. Or…you name it, or, actually, you can struggle to name it, because the names are taken. Among our many successes —Mobley, a name AT&T now uses on a ZTE hotspot that plugs into your car and allows for a wireless network in the vehicle. Speaking of the nearly endless array of mobile devices, and the proliferation of names, it’s all part of the increasing addiction of human beings to their mobile phones.

Here’s a chart produced by StatistaCharts about the hours per day people in countries around the world spend online via a mobile device, per user. The chart is aptly named: Smartphone Addiction!

Smartphone Addiction | ZTE | SullivanPerkins