For years, SullivanPerkins produced a summer t-shirt and gave hundreds away to clients and friends (not that those are necessarily two different categories). The practice ended in 2009, when the 2008 crash caught up with us – and the firm downsized from nearly 40 to fewer than half that number, where we are today. The shirts then seemed an extravagance. This summer, the year of living virtually, of mandatory work-from-home protocols, zoom meetings, and face masks, it seems to be the year to bring the t-shirt back. Make summer great again? In any case, we have a new summer t-shirt to show for the Summer of 2020. It isn’t in the mail to you, not yet, but it’s on our minds.

And take a look at the t-shirts of summers’ past, here — we think the ideas from the past have worn well. You might even recognize some of them from your own closet.