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PPC, or pay-per-click, is also known as SEM, or search engine marketing, or paid search, or simply as AdWords, since the marketplace has been dominated by Google. Executed successfully, a PPC campaign is a process of learning and refining. KPIs are established — account sign-ups, sales, catalog requests, etc. Investments are increased for those keyword phrases that generate the highest conversions; other terms that might originally have been favored are dropped. It is a practical, Darwinian process of maximizing investment. Paid search can be an excellent strategy when a goal is to expand your customer base — it serves an ad to new customers who are searching for what you sell. In our experience, even existing customers who already know your business may do searches and need your AdWords presence to be prompted to come to your site, where they readily convert. How readily? After creating a successful e-commerce site for a client subsequently acquired by a wholesaler of craft supplies, SullivanPerkins is managing the B2B pay-per-click effort for the wholesaler. The most recent month’s ROI: nearly 400%, around four dollars in sales for each dollar in media.