Yes, we are working remotely, and operating under mandatory “work from home” protocols. That said, we are very much on the job, now with “offices” across  the Metroplex and as far away as Chicago.  

“We made the necessary preparations to stay on top of our jobs and take on new ones, going forward,” Senior Writer Michael Langley said from our Chicago branch.

“We are fully functioning and serving all our clients,” CEO Mark Perkins said from our Bluffview office. “We are here, connected remotely, the technology’s in place…”

“Ruff!” interruped Mark’s tail-wagging office-mate Mika.  She’s a rescue from Puerto Rico, on the street for a year following the 2017 hurricane, so surviving a temporary crisis is not a new trick for her.   

SullivanPerkins knows this is a vital time to maintain communications and assure stakeholders that we are here for them. SullivanPerkins is here, and here, and here, and here and etc for you.

You can continue to reach us at 214-922-9080. Or email us. Account managers and your other contacts will include direct cell phone numbers in their email communications.