We were asked recently to create company-branded Zoom and Microsoft Teams backgrounds for one of our clients — a publicly-traded energy company.  Our client may have been tired of having individuals working from home appearing with the family dog entering the background or other less than professional background appearances.   As a result of this request, we’ve studied what produces best results — for example, using multiple corporate-branded backgrounds, so people can appear properly, company logos positioned so they appear as they should, etc.  Our proposed solutions contrast between hair/skin/clothing and the actual in-room background – the image of an employee with lighter colored hair will clip better against a darker virtual background, and an employee with darker hair will work best against the lighter background.  Several employees on one call who select from various approved backgrounds can differentiate themselves, all within approved corporate standards.  The pdf files have a simulated person in them as examples – and the final choices can be provided in formats for use with Zoom or for Microsoft Teams or Skype or Google Meet or other platforms.   If your company wants more background on this issue of branded backgrounds, we’re here in the foreground.