Actually, it’s one company’s recycling, and it’s really only one container among many at SullivanPerkins. We owe a debt of thanks to Anna B, a high school senior who is spending a few hours in our offices several afternoons a week this semester (Anna will be off to Pratt or RISD next year in all likelihood). One of the chores we’ve asked Anna to handle is to help clear out thirty years of print samples; as pack racks, we seem to have trouble doing this ourselves. Pictured above, the super model from the early 90’s on the cover of a real estate developer’s brochure, looking demurely downward, toward the bottom of the recycling bin.
It’s not easy letting go of thirty years of brilliant work — once treasure, now trash. So much blood, sweat, tears, and paper went into it. And if this isn’t enough to make one feel the passage of time, it turns out that Anna herself is the daughter of a talented designer who worked with SullivanPerkins 20 years ago, in a “division” of our company that focused on signage and environmental graphic design.
Just like with recycling — the world goes round and round.