Grandscape, the 433-acre development in The Colony, took top honors at the Global RLI Awards a month ago in London. RLI stands for Retail and Leisure International, which named Grandscape the Most Innovative Retail and Entertainment Project in the world, beating four other projects, all in Asia. We are basking in a bit of reflected glory, since SullivanPerkins named and handled the initial branding for Grandscape.

You can read more about the award on the Retail and Leisure International website. And for more on naming, or branding for destinations, and other marketing-related topics as well, SullivanPerkins has winning insights for you in our SPotlight series, which you can find here

When fully mature, Grandscape will be pretty grand, with three million square feet of retail entertainment, dining, residential, and office development. We were there at the beginning, naming the baby.