THE ART OF LEADERSHIP: A President’s Personal Diplomacy, is an exhibit on display this month at the Bush Library and Museum, on the SMU campus. SullivanPerkins was honored to produce the exhibition catalog, which contains portraits of 28 world leaders painted by former president George W. Bush.




The exhibit also displays a self protrait by the 43rd president (which is used on the cover of the catalog), and a portrait of his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, aka 41. One message of THE ART OF LEADERSHIP that applies not only to world leaders is the importance of personal relationships in managing complex issues.

Interested in coming face to face with the face of Tony Blair, the Dalai Lama, and Vladimir Putin? THE ART OF LEADERSHIP is open to the public at the Bush Library and Museum now until June 3, 2014. For hours and ticket information, visit http://www.bushcenter.org/special-exhibits/art-of-leadership.