Four Feathers In Our Cap

The Dallas chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators held their annual Quill Awards on September 30th, and we’re pleased to announce that SullivanPerkins won six of the prestigious marketing and communications awards. It was a great night for SP, with four “Excellence” and two “Merit” awards for work ranging from print to outdoor.…

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From the Sketchpad: We Found Bigfoot

Drawing by Robert Soto Did you know there’s an annual Texas Bigfoot Conference? It was last spotted in Tyler, Texas on September 26th, 2009. We came across Texas’ impressive Bigfoot research community while working on the Caldwell Zoo website. Thanks to thousands and thousands of acres of forest, East Texas is a hotbed for Bigfoot…

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SPSurvey: What… is your favorite color?

The picture above isn’t your ordinary gradient. It’s the first installment of a new flavor of article at SPBlog. Each month, we will poll the designers, writers, account managers and other SullivanPerkins creatives on questions ranging from “What is your favorite book cover” to “How does one prove whether or not there are infinite prime…

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Kitchen Dog Theater’s New Season, New Show and New Website

Kitchen Dog Theater’s much-anticipated 09/10 season is finally underway, and the opener, Vigils, wasn’t the only show that premiered recently. Their new SP-designed website went live as well, boasting ample magenta, the Soviet-esque font East Bloc, and – more importantly – new images capturing the evocative subject matter we’ve come to expect from a Kitchen…

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He Wrote Beyond The Genius Of The Sea

Contributor: Michael Langley Recently, I was asked by Rough to answer a few questions about my inspirations. I thought I’d share them here, too. – – – – – Where was the first place that you worked in Dallas? When did you work there and what was your title? I responded to a writer-wanted ad…

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Graffiti From Around the World

Contributor: Rob Wilson When I travel, I sometimes find the byways between points of interest as interesting as the places I’m going. Whether I’m walking along broken walls in Spain headed to an old church, or veering down side streets in Brooklyn on the way to a cafe, I’m always amazed at the ingenuity and…

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Jump! Oh wait, nevermind.

When an account executive is standing alongside Dallas North Tollway and shouting at the top of her lungs at a man standing on a billboard, you know you’re executing a fun idea. As part of an ad campaign for Austin Ranch, a new apartment community in North Dallas, we were asked to create a series…

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Polaroid is dead; long live polaroids

Remember the days before everyone had a digital camera stuck on their cellphone? No? That’s ok. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine life Before Email. Thanks to the effort of a group of retropeneurs, you’ll soon be able to buy the camera everybody wanted… 30 years ago. Taking a picture and seeing the results immediately was…

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Self Promotion, Recession Style

The capital-‘e’-Economy may have companies cutting back on ad budgets, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for innovation. We found this enterprising individual along our morning commute. For the typography lovers out there, this demonstrates how the delivery of a message matters as much as the message itself. I doubt “HIRE ME, SMU MBA…

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Kitchen Dog Theater’s poster children (and one of our designers) featured on KERA

SullivanPerkins Creative Director and occasional blogger Rob Wilson has a guest feature on KERA’s Art&Seek blog. In it, Rob discusses our design for the 2009-10 Kitchen Dog Theater brochure, which hit mailboxes last week. Check it out for a conversation about the creative process, risk-taking theater and the color magenta. Oh, and there’s also a…

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