SullivanPerkins barks for Kitchen Dog Theater’s 2008–2009 season

Kitchen Dog Theater, which shares space with the McKinney Avenue Contemporary at 3120 McKinney Avenue, is a longstanding pro-bono client and neighbor of SullivanPerkins. An oversized multi-page mailer and a series of five posters—each promoting a specific play—help KDT announce its 2008–2009 season. Posters were silk-screened by SullivanPerkins designers Rob Wilson and David Braddock, in…

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Helen Daly joins SP team

Writer and account manager Helen Daly didn’t join SullivanPerkins just because she’d get to work on really cool projects with a bunch of great creatives. She joined because of the Pets.com Sock Puppet. Long after Pets.com had come and gone, Helen still remembered its saucy spokesdog—and she jumped at the chance to work for the…

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We have a question for you

According to Bain consultant Fred Reichhold, a pioneer in the field of customer loyalty, one of the easiest ways to predict the success of a business is to ask customers this simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?” Curious how SullivanPerkins would rate, we posed this…

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It’s a girl!

SullivanPerkins welcomes Lilly Dunham (7lbs, 7oz) to the family. Proud father Greg Dunham notes her surprising resemblance to a chicken burrito. Congratulations, Greg!

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Mark Perkins brings home the Golden Egg

The Dallas Society of Visual Communications honors Mark Perkins with the coveted Golden Egg, a lifetime achievement award for extraordinary contributions to the Dallas-area advertising community.

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